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Fredric Gunnarson

Head of Strategic Venture Investing, Digital Games

Fredric Gunnarson joined Spin Master in July 2020 as Vice President of Digital Mergers and Acquisitions within the digital space to work with key leaders to define the company’s long-term vision and strategy for digital gaming. In November 2021, he was appointed to the Spin Master Ventures team where he is charged with unearthing new investment opportunities within the kid’s digital space and accelerating growth by partnering with aspiring entrepreneurs to help define the future of play.

Fredric has extensive international experience working with start-up and scale-up companies in several sectors including technology, digital gaming and social and digital media. He has a proven track record for designing and implementing acquisition-based digital growth strategies. In his previous roles he has engaged in many different disciplines including business development, marketing, sales, product development, M&A, finance and accounting, legal and HR.  Prior to joining Spin Master, he served as the Chairman of Board of Star Stable Entertainment in Sweden and quickly grew the business to become one of the most popular online games in the world.

Fredric pairs his empathetic and coaching leadership style with a vision for strategy development, innate curiosity and attention to detail.

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